Source Empowerment Services

This initiative provides services to those facing multiple barriers regarding employment and survivors of violence and lack of opportunity.

It's a self-developed type of program that the Association has managed to work closely with partners and the local member supporters.

This service aims to build on the existing strengths of Newcomers that the Association sponsored and wish to make positive changes in their lives. This can include amplifying their skillset and community connections, partnership, relationship building, as well as obtaining employment. The type of workshops offered throughout the program are varied to specific needs of the participants/Newcomers, but can include topics such as, resume and cover letter writing, employment success, following the dress codes, networking, workplace assertiveness, healthy relationships, communication, and building self-esteem.

These workshops are offered in two formats which we designed with the help of our master trainer who's a volunteer:

▪ Survivors of Violence and/lack of opportunity: An open set of workshops for men and women who are survivors of violence and/or abuse. These workshops are designed to improve daily skills and increase employment skills. Offered at both centres.

▪ People facing barriers to employment: Workshops that seek to reduce those barriers and provide opportunities for people to obtain employment. Workshops are open and ongoing at all locations.

▪ Survivors of Violence and/lack of opportunity: A closed group for women who are survivors of violence and/lack of opportunity, and want to make positive changes to their lives. Workshops are provided in a supportive self-esteem building environment.

We with the help of our partnered Agency offer you:

▪ Job development services
▪ Personal development workshops in areas such as assertiveness and communication
▪ Workshops specializing in employment skills
▪ Referrals to other community services

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