Youth Empowerment



▪ Skill Development: The process of strengthening the skills of youth, in order for them to know how to effectively make decisions, positively interact with their peers, and act as community advocates.

▪ Critical Awareness: The process of providing youth with the information and resources necessary for analyzing issues that affect their lives. We also build a safe environment, as well as strategize on ways to act as change agents in their communities.

▪ Opportunities: The process of providing youth with platforms for decision-making and encouraging their active participation in creating change within their communities and beyond.

This program gears towards fostering cultural awareness and improved integration of youth, who’re at risk. The focus of the program has been on their development, leadership and disability-related components necessary for them to participate fully in all aspects of their lives and society. Through this program, CNIA has managed to establish coordination between youth and society, and empowered youth to be given the opportunity to collaborate with one another and participate in activities, network with other youths, and share their views on issues regarding today’s youth; those topics include, prevention/eradication of crime, use of drugs, violence, etc.We also allow them to exercise career-building activities by sharing of their past experiences and knowledge of the work place.

Since 2011, many young professionals have migrated to Canada due to factors such as insecurity, life-risk, economic challenges, etc. These young professionals are willing to contribute their skills, talent and expertise to the community. CNIA is planning on organizing a networking events/opportunity to further avail employment, training and community awareness programs for these young energetic professionals.

The language training program has always been one of the most significant tools to empower the newcomers and youth refugees to be able to get along the new society and community effectively. CNIA, through its very professional volunteers, managed to provide liable and productive language training programs for newly arrived youth, and enable them to overcome their daily communication barriers and interactions with other core-community members.

Canada Newcomers & Immigration Association (CNIA) is one of the oldest organizations throughout the years, and has provided settlement and integration services to newcomers. CNIA is also one of the leading non-profit organizations that has provided placement and co-op opportunities to students.

Our selected staff/volunteers have been involved in the following:

– Selected the best for interview with a panel of representatives from CNIA management/board of directors;
– On completion of the placement, CNIA has required the students to complete fa written feedback/progress report
– Certificates of completion along with recommendation letters have been issued to the volunteers.

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