Women Empowerment



CNIA has managed to provide programs that focus on the empowerment of women, by the means of promoting the equality of women in social, political, economic, and cultural matters.

Since 2013, CNIA has managed to reach marginalized Canadian Women, and build their skills and capacities, empowered them to participate in the mainstream society and contribute to the social, political, economic and cultural life, accordingly. Our Women Support Program has widely supported and availed services to women, who have an interest in exploring and enhancing their personal growth. We hold workshops which teach them how to achieve greater jobs, and shatter the glass ceiling.

Many young girls develop low self-esteem from insecurities in their pre-teens, about issues surrounding beauty, body, socializing, trends, etc. We create and implement impact panel discussions that empower teenage girls from under-resourced communities to become confident, college-bound, and career-ready. We propel professional women through connections, collaborations and continuous development. Beauty Within inspires its network to invest in the future success of girls through mentorship and financial support.

In addition, CNIA has developed self-esteem, confidence and promoted a sense of belonging among isolated and at-risk women from all areas of diversity. We’ve also managed to create women support system, which ensures sustainable support for the Canadian women to manage their life by being empowered to be self-sustained and sufficient.

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