Since 2011, CNIA has been involved in aiding vulnerable refugees, such as Syrians and Afghans, etc. They’ve been involved in sponsoring refugees by being a Constituent Group (CG) for Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAH). Ultimately, our job is to help develop responsible and productive citizens who will enter the workforce, be an active part of the Canadian society, and enrich our multi-cultural mosaic.

The following are some of our programs for refugee settlement and adaption:

– Providing information regarding arrival in Canada as a sponsored refugee.
– Providing information on various categories of sponsorship and the responsibilities of the sponsor and refugee.
– Providing information and support to families wishing to sponsor a refugee individual and/or family.
– Providing brief information on sponsorship by laws, application process and obstacles that hinder the sponsorship.
– Regularly meeting newcomers upon arrival in Canada and providing them with information (in both official language and other languages, as required), on services and resources to help meet their immediate needs.

Our Services Include:

Interpretation/ translation
Receiving the newcomers from the airport and settling them to their final destination
Employment settlement and support
Community development and empowerment activities
Youth empowerment program
Newcomers volunteer services
Student services (co-op and summer job services)

The first step of our settlement and adaptation process is the arrival of the newcomers and/or refugee. Our staff greets newly arrived and completes a general need assessment with them. During the assessment, immigrants are informed of their rights and responsibilities as Permanent Residents (PR) in Canada. They’re also made aware of all the documentation needed to access healthcare, employment, as well as programs and schooling for their children.


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