Canada Newcomers & Immigration Association (CNIA) is a not-for-profit organization established to support, empower, and integrate newcomers and refugees into the Canadian society.

Focusing on sponsorship/immigration, employment opportunities, youth and women empowerment, training and development and refugees; CNIA’S principle mandate is to channel and connect refugees with the settlement provider agencies for services that is available for all newcomers.

In addition, CNIA’S obligation is to improve the quality of life for newcomers and refugees, and allow them to enter the workforce with the required skills. The organization’s goal is to promote the social and economic inclusion of the newcomers and refugees to enable them to become stable/effective contributing members of our Canadian society.

Furthermore, CNIA provides services to people who’re or have experienced prejudice of war and persecution by introducing them to sister organizations/agencies providing such services.



CNIA has implemented the Canada Summer Jobs 2016 and 2017 and hired 16 students in total.

Implemented a self-supported project to train volunteers to provide mobile settlement and counseling support to Newcomers and introduce them to the local settlement provider agencies for further support and assistance.
Volunteers received training and orientation of settlement:
Full-time: 40 mainly the Newcomers.
Part-time: 135 part-time volunteers are available to serve the Association around the clock on call.

Settled refugee families to date:

CNIA has settled the following families by now in various locations:
Assyrians in London Ontario: 110
Syrians in Mississauga: 51
Syrians in other locations in Ontario and Montreal: 16

Currently implementing:

Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, Ontario
2017-2018 Multicultural Community Capacity Grant


Executive Director (1)
Office Manager (1)
Settlement orientation services responsible (4)
Dispatch Worker (3)
Accountant (1)
Admin/Receptionist (1)
Master Trainer (2)

Donations and Support

CNIA has supported many times the vulnerable people and Association in Canada and outside.
CNIA has donated $6,000 CAD for Alberta wild fire disaster.
$20,000 to three settlement provider Associations in GTA.
$7,900 helped the poor people and homeless in Kabul, Afghanistan.

CNIA Partnership

Canada Newcomers and Immigration Association has partnership with more than 12 organizations inside Canada and internationally. The purpose of the partnership is to better provide services to the refugees to get the first hand support and deliver the services as per needs. In addition, the partnership is to build projects and create opportunities for newcomers inside Canada and for those who dream to enter Canada and live to grow and thrive success.


Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services

Peel Multicultural Council (PMC)

Arab Community Centre of Toronto

The Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East

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